Spring 2018 News, Part Two

Faculty and Alumni News

P. Feiz Book CoverCongratulations to Parastou Feiz on the publication of her book, Grammar, Meaning, and Concepts: A Discourse-Based Approach to English Grammar, published by Routledge and co-authored with Susan Strauss and Xuehua Xiang.¬† Written for “language teachers and learners,” the book “focuses on the meanings of grammatical constructions within discourse, rather than on language as structure governed by rigid rules. This text emphasizes the ways in which users of language construct meaning, express viewpoints, and depict imageries using the conceptual, meaning-filled categories that underlie all of grammar.”

Universite Paris DiderotChad and Jessica Lewis Luck have an exciting summer ahead of them: they have been invited to be Visiting Professors at Université Paris Diderot. They will be in Paris for a month, followed by two weeks of traveling (accompanied of course by son Fletcher, already a seasoned world traveler).

James SpeerCongratulations to recent alumnus James Speer, who has been accepted into the competitive JET (Japan Exchange and Teaching) program for the upcoming year. James, who completed his B.A. in English, Literature Track in Fall 2017, writes the following about his exciting new position:¬† “For the JET Program I will be working as an Assistant Language Teacher (ALT), teaching alongside Japanese English teachers to provide the knowledge and fluency of a native English speaker. I’ll be living in a small town on the southern tip of Hokkaido (Japan’s northern island) called Matsumae, and I’ll be helping teach English in different schools around the area. My primary school will be Matsushiro Elementary School, which is a 15-minute walk away from the house I’ll be living in. In addition to teaching, I’ll be participating in extracurricular activities such as club events, cultural festivals, and whatever else is requested of me by the Board of Education in my area (which is technically my actual employer).”

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